The BEST way to learn is by doing.

90% of our culinary program is hands-on. You cook everyday, working closely with fellow students and Chef Instructors, your prepare a complete meal, going beyond technique to include taste style aroma, composition and presentation.

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Chef Logro’s Institute of Culinary and Kitchen Services, Inc. is a stock corporation managed by the whole Logro family. Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro is the president /CEO and the Master Trainer of CLICKS, his wife Ermelinda “Mely” Logro is the Treasurer and manages the finances of the corporation. Chef Richard Logro is the eldest son of Chef Boy, the Vice President and Chef Reynaldo Logro is the Secretary of CLICKS. Both of them are trainers of CLICKS. Raymond Logro also a member of Board of Directors, he may not be engaged to cooking but he will be the source of every ingredient to be cooked in CLICKS. Raymond manages the family farm in Davao where different spices are cultivated and grown. Raymond also raised farm animals where he plans to supply certified healthy meat for CLICKS.

CLICKS, Inc. is the fulfillment of the dream of a lowly fisherman’s son, who did not even reach High School, rose to become the First Filipino executive Chef in a five star hotel not only to inspire people to persevere, more importantly he wanted every Filipino to be proud of their roots.

With the expertise and round the world exposure in the field of Culinary Arts, Chef Boy decided to put up this training school to share his culinary knowledge to his fellow countrymen. His visit to America where he met different chefs around the world who successfully established their own school became the turning point decision of Chef Boy to set up this training school. His first hand experience and exposures in different culinary schools in America inspire him to finally build a culinary school of his own in a 576 square meters land in GMA, Cavite, which is an hour drive for the City of Manila. CLICKS will focus on learning the authentic, traditional and classical art of cooking.

Our Professional Chef’s Program offers to provide excellent quality training and education to develop one’s palate. It focuses on the process of learning the basic preparation, production and presentation of the fine foods to develop culinary avenues of creative expressions of various ingredient combination and techniques. CLICKS aims to produce quality cook and chef’s with excellent service to ultimately surpass customer’s food expectation. Our Trainers are accomplished practicing professionals in the field, who will provide close super vision in encouraging creativity to enhance student’s knowledge of food.
Our Vision
We envision success on our students as prepared food handlers that creates healthy and clean that creates healthy and clean food products.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide good quality culinary education to every individual with enthusiasm and passion in cooking that will lead to them to be professional chef and entrepreneur.

Admission Requirements

  • 2 x 2 Picture with white background
  • Fill up registration form
  • Photocopy of Transcript of Record(for College Graduate)
  • Photocopy of Form 137 or High School diploma ( for High School Graduates)

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